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Specialties: Fitness Instruction, Bodybuilding, Contest Preparation, Sport Conditioning, Performance Enhancement, Nutrition Consultation. Established in 2010. Akhilleus Fitness is the accomplishment of two years of hard work. It began in 2010 when I decided to turn my passion for the fitness world into a lifestyle. I gained knowledge from my ongoing education as I constantly learn about the every physical activity and the creation of my fitness materials. I intend to develop a successful method that allows people to stay toned and remain in shape at all times. My acquired knowledge from Martial Arts, Breakdance and Body building combined provide me the sufficient base to design a suitable fitness solution. I can convert simple goal or sport specific routine into rigorous workouts. I studied and analyzed every component involving biomechanics and muscle contractions. My path in personal training has led me to work with world winning athletes who are currently enrolled in professional league competitions (IFBB, NPC, WBFF...) and other health and wellness professional from various career fields. (Physical Therapist, Nutritionist...)


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