Ararat Water


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Specialties: The mineral spring of ÇAraratÈ medicinal and table water was discovered back in 1964, in the Borot-Aghbyur Gorge. There is no doubt that the long tradition and high quality standards have successfully proven themselves for a long time. "ARARAT" natural mineral water cleanses tones up and helps to regulate and keep normal water and mineral balance in the body. Due to the natural origin of the chemical composition of ÇAraratÈ mineral water, which is filled with the power and energy of nature, all the nutrients, unlike synthetic vitamins, are easily absorbed by the body. Due to its natural composition, "ARARAT" natural water promotes rapid purification of the body, helps in eliminating harmful toxins, and facilitates the absorption and assimilation of food, what contributes to normalization of functioning of the digestive system. The uniqueness of "Ararat" hydrocarbonate mineral water is that, in fact, it is a natural antacid that protects the gastric mucous from exposure to various irritants. "Ararat" mineral water has a soft, healing and beneficial effect on the entire body, nourishing and charging it with energy of nature for the whole day."


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