Central Sterilization Solutions


Specialties: The instructors in the school have been working in the Sterile Processing field for over 20+ years. This allows us to pass onto you the knowledge of what to expect in the real world. We specialize in being better than the competition. Since 2011, we have maintained a 95% pass rate for students taking the CRCST certification exam their first time. Our competition only has a 60-70% pass rate. After you complete the course and do your hands on experience, we prepare you for the interview process so that you will have a better chance of being hired. You are not just a number in our eyes, once you have completed the enrollment process and have paid for the course, you have unlimited access to the school and the resources we have. We will not get tired of you and ignore you until you go away. I believe so much in this school, I sent my own son through the course and he has not only passed and gotten certified, he has been offered a job at the hospital where he is doing his internship hours. So come to Central Sterilization Solutions and become part of a team that matters. Harry Mullen BBA, CRCST Director of Education Established in 2011. CSS was started by Harry, James and Pernell because we saw a lack of properly prepared students coming out of school. It is our primary goal to prepare students to not only sit for the certification exam and pass it the first time but to have the proper hands on training they need to get a great job. In the beginning we matched the 65% certification pass rate the other schools have. Within a short time, CSS reviewed the teaching practice and made the necessary changes to raise that pass rate to 95%. We look to set the standards in our field. To do that, CSS focuses on one profession, Sterile Processing. Join us in being the professional that sets the standards.


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