Blackpink's Rose Amid Drug Allegations: Agency's Reaction

Blackpink's Rose Amid Drug Allegations: Agency's Reaction
Apr 2023

Blackpink's member Rose recently caught up with rumors of taking drugs. YG Entertainment has answered these rumors and released an official statement to take action against those who are spreading malicious rumors on 13 April 2023.

This all started on 12 April, when Riccardo Tisci, a former chief creative officer of Burberry, shared a picture of him and his friends having a party. In the photo, Blackpink's Rose and actor Kang Dong Won can also be seen as guests of the party. On observing, some netizens saw evidence of drugs; a small plate with white powder can be seen on the table in the photo, which speculated that drugs were also at the party.

Some Chinese netizens raised suspicion of Rose taking drugs. After that, it became a hot topic in Chinese Entertainment and media platforms. The black and white ashtray becomes the common evidence that Rose and his other friends at the party were taking drugs. Later, the rumors started to spread in South Korean media, and it didn't take much time to spread globally.

Photo uploaded by Ricardo Tisci (Source: Instagram)

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Explaining the Rumors

After the rumors of taking drugs started spreading more and more, the post was taken down from Riccardo Tisci Instagram. Blackpink's fans Blink (fandom) defended Rose and denied the rumors by explaining the ashtray or the white powder could be a decoration of the table and due to poor lighting and quality, it seems like drugs.

left: Blackpink's Rose and right: actor Kang Dong Won (source: YG Entertainment)

It's not the end, and some netizens even speculated Rose and actor Kang Dong Won are dating. Some fans showed their support. Meanwhile, some fans explained it was just a professional party, and they could be close colleagues, or they might be working on some project together. It's wrong to involve them in a dating rumor.

Regarding the dating rumors, YG Entertainment is quiet as of now, and nothing has been revealed yet. It can be just a normal party to which both of them were invited, and just because they were smiling in the photo, it's a groundless dating rumor.

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Netizens later, regarding the drug allegation, found proof that the allegation was all false. And they mailed YG to look into this matter. YG Entertainment, after getting emails from Blinks and other fandoms, decided to release an official statement.

.@ygent_official @ygofficialblink @ygentusa We ask you to take legal action against the online defamation that ROSE is going through right now. Drugs are serious issues and cannot be ignored,especially after your statement about the protection of your artists. pic.twitter.com/BNbZTqCEMX

-- agus ? (@lalisatorta) April 12, 2023

YG Entertainment's statement released on 13 April 2023 reads. We are taking legal action against acts that violate human rights and defame our artists," he said, adding, "We are currently monitoring those who create and spread rumors, and we will take strong action without any preemption or agreement in the future."

Since Blackpink is doing its world tour and they will head to perform at Coachella 2023, YG Entertainment had to ensure that any of its members' image doesn't get tarnished due to some baseless rumors.

Blackpink concert photo (Source: YG Entertainment)

Rose was silent regarding this whole matter. It's probably because Blackpink is on their world tour, "BORN PINK." Recently the girls had their largest concert in Japan at the Tokyo Dome on the 8th and 9th of April 2023, attracting 110,000 viewers for two days. It was their first group concert in Japan after three years.

Missed you so much Tokyo!?We've been waiting to see you guys again and the shimmering pink ocean was worth the wait? Thank you ?#BLACKPINK #???? #BORNPINK #BLACKPINK_WORLDTOUR #BLACKPINK_BORNPINK #TOKYO #YG pic.twitter.com/Q5LDtzqUc8


The group is also preparing for its center stage performance at Coachella 2023 on 15 April 2023. Blackpink made history as they were the first K-pop girl group to perform at Coachella for the second time. They first performed at Coachella 2019, which was marked as an "unforgettable" by the media. Blinks around the world are excitedly looking forward to their performance.

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