East New York Sneak Peek: Does Suarez Want to Be the NYPD Commissioner?

East New York Sneak Peek: Does Suarez Want to Be the NYPD Commissioner?
Feb 2023

Well, this is bound to be a hot topic at the next Reagan family dinner!

Just kidding -- CBS' Blue Bloods exists in a different NYPD Cinematic Universe than CBS' East New York. Still, it is very fun to think about Jimmy Smits' Chief John Suarez angling (or not!) to take unseat Tom Selleck's commish at 1PP, as suggested by the exclusive East New York sneak peek above.

This Sunday at 9/8c, East New York -- last fall's highest-rated freshman debut, and the TV season's third-most watched new series -- returns from a five-week break with its 12th episode, "Up in Smoke." In it, a string of marijuana dispensary robberies lead Detective Killian (played by Kevin Rankin) to a discovery that could derail his personal life. Also, Officer Bentley (Lavel Schley) returns to work after his shooting.


But most provocatively, as shown in the sneak peek above, Chief Suarez has a fateful meeting with Councilman Raymond O. Sharpe (Darien Sills-Evans) and his new policy advisor, Allison Cha (new recurring player Kelly Hu). What's on the ambitious councilman's mind...?

"I am officially announcing my run for mayor," he tells Suarez in the clip above. "If I get elected, I want you for police commissioner."

<strong>What does Suarez, currently a two-star chief, think about becoming the city's "first Puerto Rican police commissioner"? And how does his first meeting with Allison Cha go? Press play above and find out!

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