PUBG Mobile Royale Pass A1: Upcoming skins and rewards

PUBG Mobile Royale Pass A1: Upcoming skins and rewards

Tencent has released the beta version of the upcoming season of PUBG Mobile for the players to test out the features to come and offer their feedback in order to fine-tune them if needed. Also, on the 12th of May, that is, 4 days back, PUBG Mobile gave players the chance to pre-order the Royale Pass A1 for the first time in the 6 years that the game has been out. Without further ado, let us get into the details.

PUBG Mobile Royale Pass A1: Roaring Rampage

The Roaring Rampage Royale Pass has received extremely positive reviews from those who have cared to take a look at it, and by looking at it oneself, one could say that the hype is justified. It also received much publication from the official PUBG Mobile handle itself including a dedicated developer QnA just for the Royale Pass A1 which is unheard of. Royale Pass A1: an all ? RP for an ever-changing Battlegrounds!
RPA1 is adding an upgradable custom color outfit & melee weapon among many other exciting rewards. Pre-order begins on 5.12!
? https://t.co/YVeozFG6Qy #PUBGMOBILE #PUBGMRPA #PUBGMOBILEC4S12 pic.twitter.com/FC6WLO7b8kThus, from the sheer effort put into marketing this specific Royale Pass, one can imagine the work that went into it, which would explain the efforts put in by the marketing team as well. Therefore, let us take a look at some of the prominent rewards that one can claim from the Roaring Rampage Royale Pass.

1. Neon Slayer set (RP 1 and 5)

[photo1]Image via Not CharlieThe Neon Slayer outfit is the first reward that a player gets when they buy the Royale Pass followed by the headdress that completes the set which unlocks at RP level 5.

2. Precision Artistry DP-28 (RP 1)

[photo2]Image via Not CharlieThe Precision Artistry DP-28 will be featured alongside the Neon Slayer outfit in the RP level 1 and will be the first gun skin available to those who buy the Royale Pass.

3. Ultramarine Pterosaur (RP 10)

[photo3]Image via Not CharlieDoes the Ultramarine Pterosaur present us with the dilemma of what to classify it as, maybe a vehicle skin? But that aside, it is the first skin for "organism" in PUBG Mobile

and a player will be able to apply it on the flying pterosaur dinos in the Dino Mode.

4. Serpentine Gaze Plane Finish (RP 15)

[photo4]Image via Not CharlieEvery season, the Royale Pass offers the players one plane finish, and this time, we have the Serpentine Gaze plane finish on our list. The black plane with neon highlights and patterns is an eye-catcher and many players might opt to use it for the rest of the season as well.

5. Steel Morpher helmet (RP 20)

[photo5]Image via Not CharlieAlthough not part of the earlier mentioned Neon Slayer set, the Steel Morpher helmet complements the set well and one can just pass it off as being a part of the said set.

6. Violet Eclipse Thompson SMG

[photo6]Image via Not Charlie

7. Tangerine Drake set (RP 40)

[photo7]Image via Not CharlieThe Tangerine Drake set is the first of the two outfits of Mythic rarity that will be available in this Royale Pass. The outfit stands out owing to its outlandish design that looks as if the character is being embraced by a comically designed dinosaur attached to the outfit.

8. Brass Bovine MG3 (RP 50+5)

[photo8]Image via Not CharlieThe third of the four available gun skins in the Roaring Rampage Royale Pass, the Brass Bovine skin will be available for use on the MG3 light machine gun, which is exclusive to airdrop.

9. Violet Eclipse sidecar motorcycle (RP 50+20)

[photo9]Image via Not CharlieThe sidecar motorcycle skin, namely the Violet Eclipse skin will be the first and only vehicle skin that a player will be able to redeem from the Royale Pass after buying it. Vehicle skins are sought-after items that tell us that the developers knew what they were doing.

10. Swiftshooter M16A4 skin (RP 50+40)

[photo10]Image via Not CharlieOne can argue that this M16 skin is probably the most beautiful skin out of all those that one can possibly acquire via the Royale Pass. The skin itself bears some resemblance to the Ancient Secret skins from back in 2020.

11. Specter Slayer set (RP 50+50)

[photo11]Image via Not CharlieThe star of the show, the Specter Slayer is the final reward available in the Roaring Rampage Royale Pass and has its own unique characteristic. The Specter Slayer set will be the first outfit in PUBG Mobile that will offer the players a chance to customize its color of it and effectively switch between colors as per the wish of the owner.


What can you expect from the all-new RP A Series?
? The Devs have the answers! Check out the latest video & let us know your thoughts in the comments.
Royale Pass Pre-orders start on 5.12!
? https://t.co/YVeozFG6Qy #PUBGMOBILE #PUBGMRPA #PUBGMOBILEC4S12 pic.twitter.com/SdS38RasBRNote that only the more prominent rewards of the Royale Pass have been listed as there are more than 100 rewards in total including ones that can't be considered significant. In addition to the above-mentioned major rewards, there will also be the usual emotes available as well as other free rewards which are also elusive to the players. What are your thoughts about the Roaring Rampage Royale Pass A1 in PUBG Mobile? Does it meet your expectations? Let us know in the comments below!