Reaper Story Online Beginner's Guide: Tips and Tricks To Get Started

Reaper Story Online Beginner's Guide: Tips and Tricks To Get Started
May 2023

Another hack and slash game: Reaper Story Online is here to entertain you. You get to experience the best equipment and deadly monsters. Upgrade your character to the God Level and harvest new weapons. Experience a whole new world in reaper story online, there are unlimited rewards and the graphics are going to get you glued to the screen for a very long time. Now enough talking about games let's start with the tips:

Tip #1 - Make Sure To Upgrade Your Character in 10x Strength

Please enable JavaScriptAs I have told you before in most of the guides, upgrading your character should be your priority but there are certain tricks. It's all about how you develop your character and upgrade them so yes you must know the priority vice upgrade list that you can follow for faster upgrade and more power:Atk UpMAT UpHP UpMP UpCrit Rate Dmg UpCrit Rate Up[photo1]

Tip #2 - Upgrade Both Active and Passive Skills

The next thing that you need to keep in mind is

that both active and passive skills are important, but as a beginner, you will get to upgrade the active and passive skills according to the missions through which you will get rewards after that I will recommend you to focus on a more balanced upgrade in both the Active and Passive skills, whenever you upgrade active skills it will make the weapon and special attacks powerful while passive skills make buffs more powerful.[photo2]

Tip #3 - Learn New Skills

Learning new skills is important as it will make your character more powerful and you can learn new skills by following the steps provided: Menu>>>Bag>>>Select Weapon>>>Skill>>>Learn Skill, also some of the skills that you should learn, I have also provided a list of those skills below you must go through them at least once:Dark Holy BoomHeaven ContractReaper ScytheBlessingMystic BlessPrism SmokeMinerva's WisdomSoul FireHero's EnergyLightening Shot[photo3]

Tip #4 - Summon Weapon and Equipment

For acquiring legendary weapons, I will suggest that you summon 3000 times instead of going for lower numbers as this will have higher chances of getting legendary weapons and equipment. Now, if you get a legendary gun make sure to equip the and learn the new skills this will make your character invincible as well.[photo4]

Tip #5 - Play Events From Time to Time

Not many people know this, but playing events and participating in them will bring you a lot of rewards that not only let you harvest weapons but will also allow you to get unique rewards and costumes that would make your character cuter I mean who does not love cute characters right?[photo5]

Other Miscellaneous Tips

To receive ranking rewards defeat Guardian Dragon once every weekCreate PendantsPlay JackpotsCustomize costumesComplete Quests on TimeJoin Guilds for higher rewardsCollect rewards from passesCollect offline rewards[photo6]Reaper Story Online is available on Google Play and App Store. It's just like another RPG game but the graphics are better and you don't need to think a lot while playing the game. So, it's suitable for beginners, and if you think you have any more tips to share, feel free to use the comment section below if you love RPG games and to check out: Psychic Idle.Also Read: Top 5 Best Rated Sandbox Mobile Games Of The Year 2022