Prodiana Corn Curl Snack 1.83 oz - Churritos (Pack of 1)



Delicious crackers: You can serve Diana Corn Curls Churritos alongside meals or as a snack, preferably while watching movies with family or friends, its wonderful taste and distinctive crunchiness with every piece makes you feel the desire to eat more. A light meal topped with cheese: Eat Diana Corn Curls Churritos Much of the flavor comes from the cheese flavor that young and old love, enjoy eating it with the wonderful taste of cheese and crunchy. Eat anywhere: Diana todo mundo / Diana Corn Curls Churritos are light cheese covered snack in sealed bags that are easy to carry everywhere; original tings crunchy corn sticks enjoy it at parties and trips or with family and friends, every bite is worth trying. crunchy: Diana Corn Curls Churritos is a light cheese-coated dish that can be enjoyed on trips and barbecues, its attractive yellow color and the distinctive delicious taste of the cheese meets your expectations and satisfies your craving for distinctive crunches. Fun and delicious: Diana Corn Curls Chowder with crunchy cheese is a distinctive taste at special barbecues, especially with the family, and it can be eaten at any time, and it is delicious and satisfies your hunger, get it and enjoy it. (52g), 1.83oz.


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