When Does Dead Island 2 Come Out On X-Box? Everything To Know

When Does Dead Island 2 Come Out On X-Box? Everything To Know
Apr 2023

Did you play video games as a kid and still enjoy playing them as an adult? Dead Island 2 is an action role-playing video game that may interest you. Developed by Dambuster Studios and published by Deep Silver, the game is the awaited sequel to Dead Island, released in 2011. The game received favorable reviews overall and has sold over a million copies in just one week.

The video game is receiving all the love from gamers, and people are enjoying it. The game can be played by a single player or a multi-player. It revolves around an apocalypse. It is a survival-horror video game that takes place in Los Angeles. Unreal Engine got used for the development of the survival-horror video.

The development for the game got announced in 2014 but was delayed due to multiple studio changes. There were two studios before Dumbster Studios took over the game's development and delivered it to fans. Yager Development was hired in 2012 to finish developing the game but got replaced by Sumo Digital in 2015.

Slayer In Dead Island 2 - [ Credits- Dambuster Studios]
Fans of the video game will yet again embark on the journey to fight off zombies during the zombie apocalypse, but this time it will take place in Los Angeles and San Francisco. The people in the city are in quarantine due to a zombie apocalypse. The long-awaited gory, blood-soaked video game was released a few days ago.

Slayer In Dead Island 2 - [ Credits- Dambuster Studios]

Dead Island 2 is a masterpiece that has beautifully blended astonishing visuals, a thrilling storyline, and gameplay elements with weapons and combats. The thrill of surviving in the game will stay with you even after the game ends. The game has made a mark on the audience's hearts with its triumphant return.

The game has six exciting characters in it, including Amy with the voice of Skye Bennet, Bruno with the voice of Jay Rincon, Carla with the voice of Carolina Ravassa, Dani with the voice of Michelle Fox, Jacob with the voice of Okezie Morro, and Ryan with the voice of Ronan Summers.

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Dead Island 2 Premise

The game will revolve around ten years of the events of Dead Island. California and Los Angeles are forced into quarantine by the U.S. government and the U.S. military due to an outbreak of stronger Zombie outbreak. As Los Angeles is under quarantine, six individuals try to escape by boarding the last evacuation flight out of the city.

These individuals include Carla, the mechanic; Dani, a retail worker Ryan, an exotic dancer; Amy, an athlete; Bruno, a hustler; and Jacob, a stuntman. The evacuation flight is boarded by an infected individual that leads the military to shoot down the plane. The six individuals barely survived after the crash but were bitten by infected individuals while trying to help other survivors. The six individuals are provided shelter by Emma Jaunt, despite being infected.

In a turn of events, the six individuals realize they are immune to the infection. The game then leads further with these individuals trying to save other survivors and the adventure that follows through. These individuals are called Slayers as they fight a horde of zombies to survive.

Dead Island 2- Features And Abilities

The game gives the players ability to choose the character of their choice from the six available slayers to fight a neverending onslaught of zombies. In order to activate co-op in the game, the player would need to complete the first three missions of the main plot.

Dead Island 2- First Look [Credits- Dambuster Studios]
The co-op will unlock in the fourth level, " Call the Cavalry," and the player will be able to add two players at most in the game. The players will need to upgrade their materials like adhesives, aerosols, and blades. The players will need to scavenger hunt items to upgrade their articles and weapons. The players will mostly find weapons as they move forward in the game.

Dead Island 2- First Look [Credits- Dambuster Studios]

The players will need to keep a check on their weapon modifications as it often doesn't match the upgraded level. To advance in the game, the player will need to upgrade their weapon to slaughter. To reach the end of the game, the players need to use the zombie's disadvantages to their advantage. Leveling up is not a crucial part of the sequel to the game.

Dead Island-2 Release Date On X-Box

Dead Island 2 was made available for the public on 21st April 2023 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox series, and Xbox One. The game was made available to the public at 12:00 P.M. [E.T.].

The players can choose from HELL- A Edition, which will include a steelbook case, Venice Beach Travel Map, 6 Slayer Tarot Cards, 2 Pin Badges, 1 Patch, Expansion Pass, Pulp Weapon Pack, and Gold Weapon Pack or Digital Deluxe Edition that will include Memories of Banoi Pack, Golden Weapons Pack, and Character Pack 1 & 2.

The game also comes in Gold Editon that includes an Expansion Pass, Memories Of Banoi Pack, Pulp Pack, Golden Weapon Pack, and Character Pack 1 & 2.

Price Of Dead Island 2

The basic Dead Island game is worth $59.99, and the Deluxe version is worth 64.99. The Dead Island 2 Gold version is worth $79.99.

The game for the Xbox version is priced at basic - $69.99, Deluxe - $ 74.99, and Gold - $89.99.

The game is worth the wait, and it's the perfect game for people who love a gory fest.

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